Nuthin’ Under A Million (N.U.M.) LIVE at Avalon


The historic venue Avalon on Hollywood and Vine was packed to the brim last night, in celebration of one of entertainment’s greatest stars, Beyonce. Waiting for the crowd inside was the five-piece production and songwriting group Nuthin’ Under A Million, also referred to as N.U.M. Some artists would be intimidated by the swell of a rowdy crowd, but this group did more than handle the stage with ease – come 12:30am, they took over.

When their time came, Tony, David (DJ), Shanda, and Milana (fifth member Tommy (TB)) hit the stage with explosive energy, turning heads on the packed dance floor to see what this fivesome had to offer. The group’s choreography, sex appeal, and the unique, powerhouse vocals of each individual artist did not disappoint. After just two songs, the crowd was begging for more. The group’s smash hit “The World Is Mine” had the crowd jumping with it’s tantalizing beats and the sparkling performance that accompanied the superb production.

To play at Avalon is a great achievement for the group, and any group, looking to  break into the music industry. The venue originally opened in 1927 as the Hollywood Playhouse, and has since hosted historical events such as the Beatle’s American debut and Jackson Five’s TV debut. More recently, EDM greats like Grammy-winner Skrillex have gotten their start on the Avalon stage.

Nuthin’ Under A Million proved last night that they fit right in with these greats, and that they will certainly be an act to watch for. With tens of thousands of followers on social media and hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, N.U.M. has gained international acclaim with such hits as “Above the Pharoah”, which reached Top 10 on the MTV charts in Italy. The group has been compared to power groups LMFAO and the Black Eyed Peas, but what sets Nuthin’ Under A Million apart is that each member the group can stand alone as an artist, songwriter, and/or producer. This powerful combination of talent matched with their diverse musical backgrounds can only be a recipe for success.

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