Zane Carney Returns to the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

Zane Carney made his triumphant return to the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood this past Monday, jump starting his Monday night residency at the famous venue for the month of August.

zane carney

Carney, having moved back to Los Angeles after an Australian tour as guitarist for John Mayer, shattered all expectations for his return show, and set the bar high for the Monday night shows to follow this month. Carney’s familiarity with the stage brought the audience into the immediate comfort of his confidence and capability as a performer.

The NYC native started the night with an original piece entitled “Talk To Me Baby”, the second track off his recently released solo album, Confluence. Carney’s electric guitar blues and smokey rock vocals were captivating separately, and together made for a powerful combination that the crowd could not resist. The song elicited tremendous applause from the audience, who were in turn rewarded with an acoustic version of “Driving in Circles”. Carney explained that he intended this residency to be more improvised and based on his mood, as opposed to the manicured situations he had been a part of in the past.

There were no complaints to this tactic, which proved incredibly effective in reeling the audience even further in as the night progressed. Carney kept the audience on their toes with his rendition of “Cry Me a River” which transitioned into a new take on his guitar piece “Good Old Roy” from his jazz guitar release, Amalgam, which featured trumpeter John Daversa on the melody Monday night.

Daversa was just the first in a long line of impressive special guests to grace the stage that night, a tradition Carney looks forward to upholding throughout his August residency at Hotel Cafe. Carney’s willingness to share the stage was a great reminder that although the music industry is a competitive sphere, the power of music is in the collaboration and community that music can bring together.

The special guests Monday night included siblings Reeve Carney and Paris Carney, and soul sensations Sir Charles Jones and Nikka Costa.

In the past year in Los Angeles, I have rarely seen the Hotel Cafe so alive, and I look forward to the surprises Carney has in store for the rest of his summer residency. The singer-songwriter has promised to write a new song weekly for his performances, as well as deliver new special guests for each show. This is a residency you will undoubtedly want to experience for yourself.

Experience Zane Carney every Monday night at 8pm at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood for the month of August. You can hear Carney’s jazz guitar album Amalgam and his debut solo album Confluence at

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