“Shape of Things to Come” Music Video Release by Shannon Hurley

This morning, Shannon Hurley released her newest creative venture: a delightful and cheeky music video to her inspirational song, “Shape of Things to Come”.

shannon hurley

The video captures the playful and hopeful essence of the song, while showcasing some of the most famous sights in Los Angeles, CA. Hurley, originally from Indiana, has made Los Angeles her home since 2001, and this music video is a beautiful homage to the city that has helped her grow into the artist she is today.

Viewers are captivated from the beginning, as a perky Hurley waltzes across the screen to the front of a theater with her name in lights, carrying a lime green step stool. The stool is quickly followed by a toy piano, upon which Hurley proceeds to play one singular black note in repetition as the song begins.

From here, the viewer is brought on a journey (with the toy piano) through Los Angeles, from the Hollywood sign to the house where the popular TV show Charmed was filmed to the luxurious Westin Bonaventure hotel in downtown LA. Any lover of California will be warmed by the sight of their favorite spots, the places that have made Los Angeles a sought after tourist destination for years.

Hurley brings a great friendliness and cheer to the screen, which reflects the warm, encouraging tones of the song that inspired the video. “Shape of Things to Come” is the perfect anthem for the California dreamer, and the newly released music video is a superlative example of the affection for our city that Angelenos fondly refer to as, “Cali Love”.

Shannon Hurley’s music has been heard in department stores and restaurants worldwide, as well as on popular television shows like 90210, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol

To experience “Shape of Things to Come” for yourself, head to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIf_BHJc3c0

For more on Shannon Hurley, and for links to her social media, visit www.shannonhurley.com.

Drea Dorman is a singer-songwriter and music enthusiast living in Los Angeles, CA. Learn more about Drea and her music at www.dreaofficialmusic.com.



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